Meet Deon

I am a former Collegiate Athlete, Serial Entrepreneur, Certified Life, Financial, & Business Coach, and an Inspirational Speaker.

Some have been given the natural ability to jump high, sing well, or even “moon walk”, unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut. However, I have been given innate wisdom, along with a burning desire to help people like yourself realize your very own unique gifts and talents (Yes, you have some), and to help you maximize them, so you can live a happy, thriving, and fulfilling life. We only live once, right? So it’s my job to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in life, your desired state of finances or business, or better yet, in all three. My knowledge and passion combined with experience enables me to work with anyone from teenagers and young adults coping with life, the working professional in need of financial guidance to the aspiring entrepreneur/small business owner who is looking to start or better manage their business.

Growing Up

Despite having an inclination, and being intrigued by personal finance, my siblings and I grew up experiencing financial hardships in our household. This was due to a combination of money mismanagement, lack of money, and a lack of knowledge regarding it. I knew I wanted to help others in some capacity as it related to money, and later on I would become a banker. At 11 years old, I can remember swapping the $20 bill that I occasionally received for $1 bills, then ironing them to make them hot, straight, and crispy. The bill swapping gave me a greater sense of control and allocation with money at an early age. Even at the ripe age of 16, I desired a credit card, but not for the obvious reason. I knew by having a job as a bag boy at a grocery store with practically no expenses, I could easily make my monthly payments, and start building my credit. I was introduced to financial expert, Dave Ramsey in the 10th grade by my Free Enterprise teacher (Thanks, Coach K) and this only piqued my interest in personal finance; however, this still did not prevent me from maxing out and defaulting on a credit card in college. This only proves financial behavior trumps financial knowledge (having the discipline vs knowing what to do and what not to do). Lesson learned!

How it Started

I started my college career pursuing a Finance degree and playing football at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and later transferred to Grambling State University, where I finished in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance. Plagued with injuries most of my career, these setbacks and football in general taught and prepared me for life more than I could ever imagine, so for that, I am forever indebted. It was during those dark painful (literally and figuratively) days that my Faith was tested the hardest, but it’s also where I “found myself” and grew the most as a person. Focused on my studies and ready to conquer the “real world”, I was fortunate to be 1 of 8 college graduates (7 Texans & 1 Louisianan) hand selected to take part in the first ever banker’s training program at BBVA. Eventually, I would become one of the top bankers in the region, bringing in close to $1 million in yearly investments.

Moving On

After a while, the taste for entrepreneurship and something to call my own grew in me. I saw an opportunity, and started a moving company and quickly left banking to pursue my new enterprise full time. Why a moving company? High demand and low supply. Low barrier to entry, and relatively high profit margins. Surprisingly, I had never seen an actual moving truck before moving to Texas. One of my good banking clients ended up becoming my very first customer in the company (Thanks, Keith), and with others eager to support, we were able to conduct more than ‘500’ moves the following year. Some years later and I still own that company, along with having started other businesses, but my true fulfillment comes from coaching and consulting with people like yourself to help you get unstuck and reach your full potential. I mean, why else are we here? Ironically enough, our initial slogan in the moving company was “Changing lives 1 move at a time”, and now everyday, I really get to do that for people!

This Is Me!

I am an avid reader and lifelong learner. I love seafood and I love a good time. I love to inspire, motivate, and empower. I love to stay in good health and shape, and hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, I’ve already broken the Guinness World Record for the number of clapping push-ups in a minute!

Enough about me, I want to hear your story! This is what I am passionate about! Where are you on your journey? What goals do you have? I’m sure you are either here because you are in need of answers, or you’re stressed with your current life, financial, or business state and need help. Take that second step! (I bet you didn’t realize you already took the first step by coming to my page) Let’s talk and get this exciting journey started!